Summer Electrical Safety Tips

Dec 16, 2019

Now that summer is well and truly here, we thought what better time to share a few summer electrical safety tips which will help to keep you and the family safe this season.

Keep all electrical toys and appliances away from the water

With summer in Australia comes Christmas and the time for gift giving and some of the most popular gifts are often electrical. While they may be a lot of fun and provide you and your family with lots of entertainment or practical solutions around the home, that entertainment and convenience could be short lived if the toy or new appliance comes into contact with water.

Don’t touch electrical appliances if you are wet or in the water

We get it, it’s a hot summers day and you’ve been lounging around in the pool all day and you need to quickly pop inside to get something, before you do head inside be sure to dry off thoroughly before using any electrical appliance so as to avoid any possibility of electric shock.  

Make sure all major appliances are plugged into a power point

It is recommended that major appliances are plugged directly into the power point at a wall and not into power boards or extension cords. The reason for this is because of the amount of power they draw, if the power board you use isn’t suitable for the amount of power the appliance draws it may result in an overload to the circuit.

Don’t overload power boards

Running several fans off one power board is not going to cool you down anymore, all it is doing is asking for trouble. If the power board is overloaded it is at risk of damaging the devices that are plugged into it as well as possibly causing injury by shocking people or even starting a fire.

Don’t try to extinguish an electrical fire with water

If in the event that an electrical fire does start, it is imperative that you don’t try to extinguish it with water, you need to use the appropriate fire extinguisher. It is worthwhile knowing how to correctly use a fire extinguisher as well so that you aren’t trying to figure out how to operate it in the midst of an emergency.  


Keeping safe this summer is easy when you keep in mind and adhere to a few simple tips. If you’re after electrical safety tips and info specific to you and your family, please contact us.

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