4 Ways to Make Your Work From Home Space Productive & Safe

Jan 19, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a monumental shift in the way many of us now work. Instead of commuting to the office to sit behind a desk for 40 hours a week we’re now setting our alarms to make ourselves a coffee, stroll to our comfy home office & punch out the ‘must do tasks’ for the day before heading to the park with the kids for some quality family time, everyday!

Businesses now realise that working from home is actually viable & staff are more productive. This new way of working will become the norm for many businesses long after COVID-19 becomes a distant memory.

It’s time to setup your productive & safe work from home space with these 4 tips … let’s go!


1. Device Friendly Power Point Setup

Today the majority of devices can be charged using a USB, from your mobile to your watch, even your laptop can be charged through USB. However, we all know how frustrating it is when your kids or partner have wracked off with your bloody charger & it’s nowhere to be seen when your device is hanging on by a 5% battery thread & the imminent death of your device is causing you extreme anxiety.

It’s essential that your work from home space is equipped with at least 2 USB power outlets, one for your phone & one for your other essential device, whether that be your laptop, headphones or tablet.

For the perfect look & functionality in your work from home space you can’t go past the Clipsal Iconic double power point with dual USB charger. 

2. Nail Your Lighting

4 ways to make your work from home space productive & safe_lighting

It’s so important to nail the lighting in your work from home space.

Too little light, or the wrong kind of light, can cause eyestrain, headaches, and make you feel tired & lethargic, none of which lead to you being super productive. The right lighting setup will make you more alert, help concentration & make you more efficient.

To nail your work from home lighting you need a combination of effective ambient lighting and quality targeted task lighting.

Ambient lighting is the overall light in the room including the main light & any available natural light. Task lighting is targeted light for carrying out specific tasks.

Make the most of natural light! Position your desk in front of or next to a window, directly under a skylight or close by a glass door. If the natural light coming into your space is limited use a mirror to help reflect the available light around the space.

Consider adding an adjustable blind or light curtain to your space to minimise time of day glare.

Overhead dimmable LED lights allow you to adjust the light to your needs as you work. Position your desk to face the main light source to help minimise shadows & reduce glare. Facing the light is also best for video calls. On cloudy, rainy days the lights can be dialled all the way up. On bright, sunny days when the natural light is pouring into your space, your LED lights can be turned off altogether.

If you opt for a desk lamp to tick the task lighting box place your desk lamp in a position that illuminates your keyboard & working area but doesn’t cause screen glare. The exact position will be trial & error based on your setup.


3. Avoid Overloading Power Boards


4 ways to make your work from home space productive & safe_powerboards


Look around your work from home space. How many power points can you see? More than 2? Wow you’re lucky!

Many homes only have one or two power points per room. If your work from home setup requires you have a computer or laptop, a screen (or maybe even two), a desk lamp, charging points for your multiple devices, and a printer, one or two power points just isn’t going to cut it.

So, you find yourself buying a power board.

Laptops & mobiles are low load devices so plugging them into power boards is safe as long as you don’t do what’s called ‘piggy-backing’.

Piggy-backing is where one power board is plugged into another power board. Similar to when you plug one double adaptor into another double adaptor. You may think you’re getting more points to plug your devices into but what you’re really doing is creating a situation that will cause the circuit’s amperage to be exceeded. This is a sure-fire way to cause a house fire & burn down your family home… no thanks!

Power board usage is ok… in moderation!

Too many power boards can start to look messy & make a space become cluttered very easily. A licenced electrician can install more power points in your work from home space to minimise overloading risk & clean up your space.


4. Install Surge Protection


4 ways to make your work from home space productive & safe_surge protection

Picture yourself about to hit save on that all important piece of work you’ve just punched out. In the split second before you click save lightning hits a power line on your street sending huge amounts of voltage through the grid to your house…. BOOM! there goes your computer and everything on it! A simple way to mitigate this risk & save yourself the headache of coordinating replacement parts with your boss or spending hours searching online for the exact desktop you had…. and let’s not talk about all the lost work that just went begging on your fried computer…. is to install surge protection.

Surge protection will detect when the power coming into your home exceeds 230 volts and will automatically send the excess power to the ground instead of into your computer, laptop or screens.

A licenced electrician can install this into your switchboard.


For tailored advice on how to make the most of your work from home space, give our friendly team a call on 1300 686 000 or send us an enquiry & we’ll call you back. One of our technicians will be able to tailor a solution that meets your needs & leaves you ready to tackle another work day head on, with your slippers on.

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