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Modern hot water systems come in different types and sizes and have different ways of heating water for your home and office. They also come with different energy efficiency ratings, which has a big impact on the cost of your home or business’s gas/power bill.

Hot water systems typically have a life span of 7 years. If you start to experience any of the following:


Continuously running out of hot water


Excessive hot water bills


Dirty water is coming out of your taps or shower heads


Water is leaking from your hot water heater


Lack of pressure

We recommend having one of our hot water specialists visit your home or business to inspect your existing hot water system and provide you with advice on the best solution available to you.

When inspecting your existing hot water system our hot water specialists take into consideration many factors, including:


Services available - gas or power


Location of hot water unit


Space required for hot water unit


Ventilation and flueing needed for the unit


Size of your home or business space


Number of people currently living at your home or working in your office


Number of people who may live in your home or work in your office in the future

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