4 Easy Ways To Save Money On Electricity Bills In 2020

Jan 22, 2020
The new year is always a great time to take stock and look at ways you can save money on household expenditure. Utility bills, and most commonly electricity bills are often top of the list for wanting to reduce and below, we’ve outlined our top four ways on saving money on electricity bills in 2020.


Switch to energy saving LED light globes

Switching over your old halogen light globes to energy efficient LED light globes could save you up to 80 per cent off your lighting costs. Traditional halogen light bulbs use an excessive amount of electricity and must be replaced regularly whereas the new style of LED bulbs use far less power and last longer.

Energy efficient LED bulbs are more expensive to buy off the shelf, however, their efficient use of energy and longer service life means that in the long run they cost far less. Energy efficient and energy saving LEDs are clear winners in terms of their environmental and financial benefits. If you haven’t considered upgrading to LEDs or even if you have but have questions, contact us so we can talk you through all your options.


Think about your day to day behaviors

Quite often we see that there are significant cost savings available for our clients if they make some adjustments to their day to day behaviors. You don’t always need to go out and purchase new lighting or energy efficient appliances to save money on electricity.

One of the easiest adjustments you can make to save on your power bills is to look at the way you heat and cool your home – harness the power of the sun in winter by opening window coverings and letting the sun in to help warm the house and equally, in summer, consider using heavier window coverings and keeping them closed to keep the house cooler for longer before having to use your air conditioning.

Also, consider the way you use appliances in your home. Are you able to air dry clothes rather than using the dryer to get them dry? Or perhaps you can use an eco-mode on your dishwasher or stop the dishwasher from going through the drying cycle and allowing the dishes to air dry instead.


Consider solar power

Installing solar panels and using solar powered energy can help your household save money on energy bills. By using the solar electricity that you generate you can avoid using electricity from the grid, and the less you are relying on the grid to provide you with power the less you will need to pay.

Another benefit of using solar power is its ability to be flexible and move with your growing family. As our family size changes as do our power needs. A growing family is a wonderful thing, it also means a growth in utilities and household expenses. Many solar power systems are able to easily be expanded to meet the needs of your growing family.


Ensure your appliances are energy efficient

Regardless of your lifestyle we all require appliances to live comfortably in todays world. Often this means several household appliances and sometimes more than one of each – think fridges, TVs etc.

Appliances can use a significant amount of energy in your home (in some cases up to 30% of home energy use), particularly if you’ve had them for a while. Upgrading to energy efficient appliances can offer significant savings in your electricity bill. In addition to that, energy efficient appliances also reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is great for our environment.

Similarly to LED light globes, often energy efficient appliances can be more expensive to buy off the shelf however in the long run the efficiencies they provide offer a far greater cost saving.


Saving money on electricity is a lot easier than you might think. By looking at your use of electricity and making a few adjustments you open yourself up to significant cost savings. If you would like any further information on ways to save energy in your home, please contact us.

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