Springwood LED downlight installation

Ellison Rd, Springwood

The Springwood LED downlight installation project brief

Frustrated home owner Anne called Sapphire Services advising she had had a large quote from another electrician to repair her halogen downlights after a few of her halogen lights stopped working and was not happy with the advice offered.

We were able to attend Anne’s home and provide her with a solution that would fix the problem and provide her with a more energy efficient, long lasting solution.

Our Approach

Our Electrician Chris arrived at Anne’s home, where he inspected what lights were already not working and was able to advise that the best alternative would be for Anne to replace her existing halogen downlights with new LED downlights.

While Chris was on site Anne also requested that we install a new power point in her kitchen. After installing the power point Chris inspected Anne’s smoke alarm and advised that it was out of date. Chris was able to replace the out of date smoke detector ensuring another 10 years of safety for the family in the event of a fire.

The Result

We provided Anne with not only a solution for her existing downlight issue but were able to provide her with a solution for her power point & smoke detector providing an all round service offering to Anne.


Benefits of Upgrading to LED downlights: 

  • Lasting significantly longer than halogens (which last 1,000-5,000 hours.)
  • Use about 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lights
  • Use about 30% less energy than CFL lights
  • Save you money on your power bills
  • Last between 15,000-50,000 hours
  • Reach full brightness instantly
  • Contain no mercury or lead
  • Emit no UV rays or infrared radiation
  • Operate at a much cooler temperature, making them a safer option than halogens
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce landfill


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