Arcadia switchboard upgrade

Arcadia Rd, Arcadia

Arcadia Switchboard Upgrade

The Arcadia switchboard upgrade project brief

Arcadia local George contacted Sapphire Services after the fuses in his switchboard started playing up. George advised our Sapphire Customer Representative Emma that he had changed the fuses himself but he was still having issues & in particular had no hot water. Emma arranged for an Electrician to be at George’s home the very next day.

Our Approach

Our Electrician Chris arrived at George’s home where he inspected the switchboard and provided George with an assessment of what was going on.

Chris advised George that due to the continuous blowing of fuses the best solution would be to replace the old fuse system with a new switchboard that met current safety standards. Chris advised George that the fuses would be replaced with new individual safety switches and circuit breakers.

The Result

George proceeded with the recommendation above.

The upgrade of George’s switchboard means it now meets current standards, is maintainable & user friendly. The installation of individual safety switches and circuit breakers means that in the event of a fault occurring from faulty household appliances or electrocution from household items the individual safety switches will trip straight away turning the power off. The circuit breakers & safety switches are also far easier to turn back on when a trip does occur than having to replace the fuse wire.

Sapphire Services are happy to say that this Arcadia switchboard upgrade project was a complete success & George now has his hot water back.


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