Lethbridge Park Switchboard Upgrade

Wangaroa Cres, Lethbridge Park

The Lethbridge Park Switchboard Upgrade Brief

Homeowner & foster parent David called us late one Friday night panicked as the fire brigade had just been to his home in Lethbridge Park where there was smoke billowing out of his switchboard.

The fire brigade opened the switchboard to find the old fuses glowing bright orange. Rightfully so, they removed the old fuses and isolated the power supply.

When our Electrician got to David’s home there was no power to part of the house.

Our Approach

Our 24-hour emergency response Electrician assessed the switchboard & provided David with some options for repair.

Once David decided which option suited him best, a temporary fix was installed which allowed his home to have power & light for the weekend until the Electrician could return on Monday morning to repair the switchboard in full.

Upon returning on Monday morning the Electrician also found that the mains cabling to the house was of old size standard & provided David with options to upgrade his existing cabling to bring his home up to standard & minimise the risk of a potential fire in the future.

Did you know…. It is very common for older homes in Sydney to have undersized mains cabling that has the potential to become overloaded & catch fire. A qualified Electrician can inspect your home and advise you on the condition and size of your current cabling, ensuring your home is up to standard and the risk of your home catching fire is mitigated.

The Result

Power was restored to David’s home and his old switchboard got a complete overhaul.

The existing switchboard enclosure was reused, while the original asbestos panel in the switchboard was removed & replaced with a new non-asbestos panel.

The main switch, the safety switch and the circuit breakers were all replaced and installed on the new panel. The old metering was also moved onto the new panel.

A new mains cable was run from the home to the street, equipped with a new private pole which was installed by one of Sapphire Services Level Two Electricians. This brought David’s connection up to the current standards.



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