Canada Bay switchboard upgrade & new mains cabling

Renown St, Canada Bay

Switchboard Upgrade

The Canada Bay switchboard upgrade project brief

Distressed homeowner Anne called Sapphire early one morning as there was a fire at her home during the night in which her electrical (consumer) mains had caught on fire.

The fire brigade had come to her home & told her that she needed a Level 2 Electrician to reconnect her home back to the street.

Our Approach

Our Electrician arrived at Anne’s home, assessed the damage & provided her with multiple options to repair.

The fire was caused because the main feed running into Anne’s home from the street was undersized, due to complying with old standards.

Too much demand on the undersized main caused overload, which resulted in it catching fire.

Our Electrician advised Anne in order to restore power to her home, there were a few things that needed to be done.

  1. The burned out mains need to be replaced from the street to the switchboard.
  2. A new earth stake needed to be installed.
  3. A new main switchboard needed to be installed at the property.

The Result

Anne proceeded with the recommendations above.

Power was restored to Anne’s home, her cabling was bought up to size & current standard to mitigate the risk of them catching fire in the future.

The upgrade of Anne’s switchboard means it now meets current standards, is maintainable & user friendly.

Sapphire Services are happy to say that this Canada Bay switchboard upgrade project was a complete success.


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