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Hot Water Heater Installation

This Beaumont Hills hot water heater project brief

Homeowner Danny moved into his new home in Beaumont Hills early in July. A week later his gas hot water system started steaming, causing distress to himself & his young family.

Danny called Sapphire Services telling us that he had the fire brigade come out to his home to turn off the gas to avoid any potential hazards before a Hot Water Specialist could get to his home to assess what was going on.

Our Approach

Late in the evening our Hot Water Specialist attended Danny’s home in Beaumont Hills, assessed the situation and advised Danny of options to replace his hot water system. The Sapphire Hot Water Specialist provided options for a tank hot water system and an instantaneous hot water system. Danny decided to go ahead with having a new instantaneous gas hot water system installed.

Given the time of night it was not possible for the new system to be installed on the spot, however, all of our Hot Water Specialists carry temporary hot water systems & we were able to install a temporary system so Danny & his young family would have hot water the next morning.

The Hot Water Specialist assured Danny that his new instantaneous system would be installed the next day & his family would have fully functioning hot water within the next 24hours.

The Result

Danny’s new instantaneous gas hot water system was installed the following day.

The new instantaneous gas hot water heater required some new pipework in order for the heater to deliver the required flow rate to the home fixtures.

A Sapphire Servcies Electrician was also required to install a new weatherproof power point in order to power the new instantaneous system.

Danny & his young family were thrilled with getting their hot water back up & running so quickly. Danny was especially happy with the fact that his new instantaneous system would save him money on his power bill.


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Thank you to Chris and the team for the quick and efficient assistance with solving our old hot water system issue. Absolutely recommend this company and especially Chris for his patience and attention to detail.

Thank you!

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