How To Choose A Great Electrician

Mar 17, 2017
Choosing an electrician to service your home can be like trying to navigate a chessboard to find that winning move. With so many options out there you start questioning who do I pick? How do I know they will do a good job? Will I get good service? The list of questions is endless. Let us help you make the decision a little easier by letting you know what sets a great electrician apart from an average electrician.

Good or Great Electrician?

On the surface most electricians look the same – work shirt, work pants, tradie boots and most of the time you’ll see them wearing a tool belt with a few tools that resemble something you’ve seen your husband use once or twice around your home. But if you look a little closer a great electrician will have noticeable differences that set them apart from an average electrician.

Professional & Friendly Service

Firstly, when a great electrician comes to your home they will greet you with a warm friendly smile and go above and beyond to provide you with great service. A great Electrician will be well presented including their uniform, boots, hair and work vehicle. If you were to open the door to their van things would be clean, well-organised and easily accessible. Don’t mistake this cleanliness as a sign of a lazy electrician not doing much work, quite the opposite.  An electrician who takes pride in their appearance and the cleanliness of their van has respect for themselves, their equipment and will show the same respect to you and your home. A clean, well-organised work vehicle assists your electrician in servicing your home promptly, professionally and with ease.

You may be thinking, yes all very true but if they’ve been working hard all day why aren’t their boots dirty – great question!

Of course, an electrician’s boots are bound to get dirty especially if they are servicing a home’s outdoor electrical needs however, a great electrician will ensure they wear boot covers when entering and servicing your home that way any mess on the top or bottom of their boots will be covered by the boot covers and won’t end up all through your home or on your freshly cleaned floors.

Quality Electrical Parts

Secondly, what is the quality of the product or parts they are using when servicing your home? In the electrical services industry, the price of products can differ enormously. Through our experience, we have found that using cheaper parts may save you money today however over the long term the life expectancy of the products are shorter due to their poor quality. Most average tradesmen will use cheaper parts and products because they believe they are doing the right thing by you and saving you money however, in the long run using cheaper materials impacts on the quality and life expectancy of those parts meaning you will have to replace them again in the not too distant future. We have found that a small saving in price today ends up costing you a lot more in the future. Cheap parts and products normally don’t have the extensive warranty that alternative high quality parts and products do which means if something happens to them you are out of pocket once again because they aren’t covered by warranty.

Clean Electrical Workmanship

Quality and cleanliness of work – has your electrician done the job you’ve asked for but left a huge mess behind? A great electrician will ensure they clean up after themselves so you won’t even know they’ve been in your home. Does the job they’ve done look neat & tidy or is there a chaotic mess of cables thrown together? A great electrician will pride themselves on making sure all cables are neatly installed and light switches and power points on your walls are level.

Wow, wow, WOW!

A great electrician leaves you thinking ‘WOW! I can’t wait to work with them again’, while an average electrician leaves you thinking ‘thank god they’re out of my home, I hope they never come back.’

Which experience would you prefer? – If you’d prefer your home to be looked after by a great electrician call Sapphire Trade Services on 1300 686 000.

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