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At Sapphire Solar Services we are qualified electricians with specialised training in the design & installation of Solar & Battery solutions.

Our focus has always been on quality – quality installations of quality products backed by our quality workmanship – and we’re proud to say our work speaks for itself.

We don’t subscribe to the ‘one-size fits all’ system that many of the ‘cowboys’ in the industry have riddled the market with. These types of systems are often poorly installed, rushed & in many cases do not comply with industry standards, leading to frequent system issues, or worse, house fires – yes, sadly an all too common occurrence.

We supply & install solar panels, inverters (including micro inverters) & battery storage (including Tesla Powerwall) across the Blue Mountains, Greater Western Sydney, The North Shore & Epping suburbs.

Please note: we only install solar equipment we have sold ourselves as we can’t guarantee the quality or integrity of equipment sourced elsewhere.

With You At Every Step


Taking control of your power doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ll simplify it for you & be your guide along the whole journey.

Our in-house accredited designer will work with you to identify your needs & then custom design a system that optimises your power generating potential & in turn saves you as much on your power bill as possible. 

Once on site, our dedicated team will install your system to the highest standard & keep you updated during the whole process so you know exactly what’s going on. 

Our in-house service team then monitors your system & keeps it running at its absolute best with 12 monthly maintenance checks, because we want you to get the most return on your solar investment. 

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